Production Instruction System

We provide systems that match your line configuration.

- Construction of generalized line system
- System construction linked with traceability
- Construction of system with upstream line
- Construction of scheme to prevent outflow of nonconforming products

Line Operation Display System ANDON

We improve the operating rate of lines using ANDON.

- Monitor-type ANDON
- Panel-type ANDON
- Projector-type ANDON


Traceability System

We provide product traceability management systems.

- Construction of manufacturing records and management
- Data import from devices and equipment
- Construction of production and shipment history records
- Construction of scheme to prevent outflow of nonconforming products


Sequential Control

We provide systems that match your needs.

- H/V related inspection equipment
- Aluminum casting-related
- Lift wireless call system
- Jig checkup system
- Label printer for quality control
- Setup control system
- Trend management software using traceability data


Robot Application Equipment

We provide optimal robots for each process of each line.

- Setup of various material handling robots
- Automatic teeming machine for aluminum casting
- Aluminum ingot charger

Base robots handled:
- Yasukawa robots
- FANUC robots
- Denso robots


Manufacturing of Products

We manufacture mass-produced products.

- Manufacturing of interlock boxes (in-house manufactured products)
- Manufacturing of various communication cables