Various Special-purpose Substrates

We design and manufacture CPU boards and special-purpose interface boards based on required specifications such as a high-speed digital circuit substrate and FPGA.

Developed products:
CPU board (6000 Series DSP manufactured by TI, Renesas SH Series, etc.)
Standard bus interface board (VIME bus, PCI bus, etc.)
Various interface boards (AD/DA, various communication interfaces, etc.)

Special-purpose Measuring Devices

We design and manufacture special-purpose measuring devices used in plants and laboratories. We also design and manufacture hardware and software, as well as PC-based systems having various interfaces.

Developed products:
Special-purpose data collection device
Control unit

Test facilities:
- Constant temperature oven
- Simplified vibration testing machine
- Various measuring instruments
- Waterproof and drip-proof test



We handle development ranging from software for microcomputer boards to Windows applications.